Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Flowers, plums, bears and oh dear .... 'spiders'

Time flies the saying goes and over the past few weeks life has sort of run away with me.  Catching up again with a myriad tasks at this time of the year and also trying to make bears for the forthcoming Hugglets show in early September.

I have to also admit to feeling rather unsettled in a world which seems to have gone mad.  Events in the past few months have been horrific and each day seems to bring some new horrible tale.  I have reached a stage where I prefer to not read the daily newspapers headlines but on the other hand,  hiding my head in the sand is not going to make it go away.  Perhaps the easy access to news updates on line makes world events so much more real than it used to do when world events where limited to radio and then TV.  That does make me sound old!
On to happier things I have lots of pics and happenings to share. My garden has flourished this summer with all the hanging baskets making a wonderful splash of colour.

 The fuchsias have been amazing,  needing lots of water as this year we have had quite a dry summer.

Some months back I shared a picture of a frilly white pansy which had seeded itself in one of the standard rose pots.  After it finished flowering I discovered a multitude of tiny new pansy plants which I planted in various pots around the garden.  From that white pansy a myriad of different colours, quite interesting.

The begonias have also put on a wonderful show although the birds do like taking the basket liners for their nests.

The Mirabelle plum tree has produced a good crop this year.  A tasty pie for dessert and a good supply of jam for the coming winter months.  I also managed to freeze several containers of prepared plums.  I am now eyeing the prolific wild blackberries.   Still a few weeks to go before they will be ready to pick but more jam to be made soon.

Growing up in Africa with close encounters with venomous snakes,  fire ants and spiders has not really prepared me for living in the English countryside.  We have had a plague of spiders this year mostly fairly small but finding one on the bathroom door easily the size of the palm of my hand was not a great experience.  Bella kitty has great fun hunting them down and leaving bodies on the floor as presents for us, fortunately she does not seem to eat them!

Some of my latest little bears.  Caitlin is wearing a top made from a scrap of vintage Broderie Anglaise and this is little Charley with her puppy friend Daisy. 

I managed a second visit to view inside Wimpole Hall.  It is a magnificent building and includes an incredible library of some 7000 books, just for the book lover in me.  A few pictures to share.

I do not know if I would like sleeping in this rather grand bed,  all that drapery makes me feel a little claustrophobic but it is pretty. 

The back of the Hall with its magnificent parterre (or knot) garden.   Maintaining those tightly clipped little box hedges edging the flower beds must be quite labour intensive.

For the embroiderers something quite spectacular to share.  One of the previous occupants of the Hall was a Lord High Chancellor and this is the Chancellor's Purse.  Embroidered using silver thread,  now rather tarnished,  this three dimensional work of art is quite amazing,  'tho the faces are rather scary.  They remind me of African tribal masks.

Finally,  we were treated to a wonderful super moon recently.  For a change it did not rain and the sky was quite clear.  This is possibly not the best of photographs as I am still experimenting with my fancy camera and  I will have to invest in a tripod at some stage in the future.  Finding a suitable spot in the garden with no trees or buildings as well as holding the camera up and trying to actually find the moon was something of a challenge.  I did got to see a meteor 'tho.

That is quite a long update,  possibly no more blogging until prior to Hugglets.  Have a good week.

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Kays Kids said...

Thank s for your wonderful post. I loved the pictures of your garden, it is so pretty. That castle is quite something. That embroidery astounded me, think of the hours of work. We have nothing that old in Australia.
I could take your little bear and puppy home quite easily.
Hugs Kay


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