Friday, July 25, 2014

Latest Bears and a new pattern

A short and sweet blog this time, the continual hot weather is somewhat exhausting. Whilst nice and sunny, it is not good for the garden.  Spending lots of time watering plants in the evening when it cools down a little.  The water bill this year will be high!

Have finally completed a companion set,  Emma and Susie who is just 2.5" tall.  Megan has designed a new pattern for our Etsy Store which includes a knitted vest.  As I had to test drive the pattern before typing it out, the result came in handy for Emma.  I added pink and white gingham trousers and a crochet flower,  looks cute and summery.  I don't make many very tiny bears now as I find the osteoarthritis in my hands somewhat of a nuisance when working with little bits of bear. 

The pattern is a traditional style little boy called Sebastian and is now available in our Etsy store as a kit or pattern.

Life continues at the same rather hectic pace,  stitch bears, clean the house, prepare meals and care for the garden.  Think I need a holiday,  rather miss the overseas shows.  It was a good opportunity to get away from everything for a while as well as  meet up with special friends and collectors.  However, until I win the lottery time away is a pipe dream.

Have a wonderful weekend ...........


Elizabeth said...

I too miss the overseas adventures and like you I can dream. In the meantime we'll stitch and bake and potter in the garden...can't be bad really.

Michele Etzel said...

I love your bears! They have such sweet little faces.


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