Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Time does surely fly ...............

A somewhat overdue blog update, surprised to discover that I have not added to my ramblings since mid August!

I started writing a blog in January 2008 when my life was facing a major upheaval and I had the idea that keeping a written account of all the events would help to retain my sanity. This update is No. 410 of an on line journal which would be rather interesting to read if I had the time and inclination, perhaps one day!

Lots of happenings over the past few weeks,  the Hugglets show in London, some fun outings and lots of sewing.

Starting at the very beginning, we managed to complete a good selection of bears for the show.  Our journey to London was uneventful and we actually managed to leave home on time and arrived a little early,  luckily finding a convenient parking spot right outside Kensington Town Hall to unload.  The show was well attended but it was very much a pick up and put down sort of day,  little money to spend and lots of choices to make as well as there being a lot more miniature bears available than at previous shows.  

I had dyed some vintage long pile fabric a very pale shade of turquoise. The idea of a sea themed pincushion seemed most appropriate but I spent much rather fruitless time searching for a suitable large scallop shell, with a little bear sitting looking at me waiting to be completed.  I eventually found a crochet pattern for a sea urchin shell which after a little tweaking (it was way too small) made a perfect pin cushion.

Sea Urchin Pin Cushion

Alexandra and Bluebell Rabbit

A limited edition special, this is a combined creation,  I made Alexandra and Megan made the little Bluebell Rabbit.  They are sitting on a blue velvet cushion in a tiny white bone china cup.

Meadow Bunny
Meadow is one of my little rabbits, dressed in a brown gingham dress with a tiny polymer clay rabbit button trim.

For some years Megan has collected ball jointed dolls.  These exquisite dolls made in Korea, Japan and China are very collectible and also somewhat pricey.   For some time we have planned to make a range of specially designed clothing and we have recently opened an Etsy shop to market these items.  Rather early days yet as we are still finding our way around pattern design and fitting but we have a small selection available with plans to make more when time allows.  Having three Etsy stores running is most probably not very wise but as we make such a variety of items not just bears, we needed to spread our wings a little.  Keeping them stocked will definitely keep us rather busy. This is a complete mix and match outfit modelled by Megan's very pretty Unoa doll.

Rose Garden Party Summer Outfit

After several weeks of stitching endlessly we needed some time out and spent a couple of days off firstly shopping and lunch in Cambridge and then driving up to Leicester for the day.

Leicester's main claim to fame is the discovery in 2012 of the remains of Richard III, the last Plantagenet king of England, buried under a car park in the city.  A lot has been made of this discovery and there is work under way to re-inter the King in a very special tomb in the cathedral.  We had a wonderful time discovering all the marvellous fabric shops, a very special bead shop and exploring the market.  However, it is a city which I would visit again only for shopping, perhaps when all the work on the cathedral is complete and we have an opportunity to explore some of the historic buildings on the outskirts I might find it more interesting.  Just a few pictures to share.

Statue of Richard III - Leicester

Vaughan Porch - Leicester Cathedral

Baby Alexandra recently celebrated her Baek-il (100th day celebration,  an important event in Korean culture. This is a special picture of my precious granddaughters with their 'granny', Victoria was the most excited little person at this special occasion.

The final on line show for 2014 takes place mid October and we are once again busy stitching. Will share some pictures of the latest bears soon.

Finally I once again set myself a target to read 85 books this year.  I have reached a total of 80 so only 5 to go before the end of the year!  I do enjoy having a Kindle,  so convenient to carry in my bag and read when out and about but I do wish that the prices of e-books was a little kinder.  I must admit to having read some really 'different' (or strange) books this year as they are the most reasonably priced available.  I was rather thrilled to see some one at the coffee shop in Cambridge actually reading a 'printed book',  not a Kindle,  mobile or lap top in sight!

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