Sunday, November 13, 2011

Worn out and exhausted ...........

Have reached a stage when I am feeling worn out and finding it hard to cope. After several weeks of fighting some dreadful virus, sneezing, coughing etc I now have shingles. It has affected my upper arm and is extremely painful and affecting my ability to work. Which is not good as I need to work to keep a roof over my head etc. Because of my age (!!) and the possibility of long term problems with severe neuralgia in my arm, I have been prescribed anti virals. I suffer with psoriasis which seems to have flared up possibly as a result of the medication. Goodness this is a miserable blog posting...

On to something nice.  Spent a day having a break from bears and trying to complete some of the UFOs lying around. Did not do as much as I had hoped but did finally complete a little needle keep which is now in our Etsy store.
Did get to spend a little quality time with family today as it was Austin's annual Remembrance Day parade in London.  Almost up to date with bears for the on line show. Megan and I have been busy creating some wonderful creations (at least I think so). Just a few additions to the web page tomorrow and hopefully all will be complete and ready for the big event which starts on November 18th. Watch this space and have a great week.


Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

So sorry to hear you´re not feeling well Wendy - sending lots of get well wishes your way. Hope it will turn to the better soon, so you will be able to work again.
Love your little neddle keep.

Tatkis said...

Beautiful needlebook!
I had a virus recently - and just penicillin helped me! Hope you are feeling better :)



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