Thursday, November 17, 2011

On line show .....

The Christmas Treasures on line show begins on November 18 at 4pm New York time.
We have been busy working on some special little bears and I would like to invite you to visit the show to see all the wonderful artist offerings.

Tomorrow I will put up a picture of our bears but for the moment they are a well kept secret!

Have now completed my course of medication and hopefully will start to feel a little more normal again. Winter seems to have finally arrived and the weather is a lot colder, will have to start putting my frost sensitive plants under cover. Still picking tomatoes from the glass house but they are the last few until next season. The birds are visiting in droves and we have had a pair of shy magpies sneaking into the garden in the past few days. These much maligned birds are so scared of humans it is quite sad. I love watching them, they strut around in their smart black and white looking like little waiters.
Something to look forward to a planned outing to London this weekend with my girls. Just to look and wish and perhaps take in some of the early Christmas sights.

Have a great day.

One kind word can warm three winter months. ~Japanese Proverb

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