Monday, October 24, 2011

I love my Dad ...............

Not much to report as I am suffering from from the worst dose of 'flu that I have had for years, not much help when trying to meet deadlines.  Curses to the person who so kindly shared this dreadful bug with poor Megan who then so generously passed it on to me!
I have started a pinterest page. I wonder whether I could live to regret this action as it will mean more time on the computer and loading pictures will have to wait awhile.
Spent a day in Cambridge last week and also visited March, did take some photographs but they are still awaiting editing, hopefully next time.
But something special to share this wonderful picture of Austin and Victoria.  Know I am a proud grandmother but this is such a special picture.  Austin has been away for several weeks on an army training course, only home at the weekends and it looks like little Victoria was very happy to have him back.
When we lived in Cape Town with our four kitties we acquired a very lovely ginger kitty who moved into our house.   He belonged to a neighbour but had a tendency to roam and decided that he liked the set up in our house even though he still wandered the neighbourhood and was inclined to be a solitary soul.  When planning the big move to the UK he was supposed to be included in the menagerie.   However, he had other ideas and when a new neighbour moved in next door he decided that that was to be his home.   My neighbour keeps in touch and sent me a picture of Lucky the biker cat.
So pleased to see that he is well and has finally settled into a home!

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Jane H said...

That is such a lovely picture of your son and granddaughter. What a treasure!


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