Thursday, October 27, 2011

A bear called 'Autumn' ..............

I am still battling the dreaded 'lurgies'.  After spending several days coughing and wheezing, a visit to the doctor yesterday was rather a waste of time as I was told that I do not have 'flu but some viral infection which would clear up in its own good time.
But at least I have managed to complete a new bear.  I have been working on limited editions and repeat orders for several weeks and was starting to feel a little desperate to create something different with not a pastel shade in sight! 
Autumn is dressed in a cream dress with brown jacket.  Vintage French lace and old tatted lace trim the edge of the jacket sleeves and hem of the dress.  I have embroidered a selection of autumn shaded leaves and berries together with tiny satin flowers and beads on the dress and jacket.
Autumn is very proud of her outfit and was quite happy to be photographed for a 'fashion shoot' with her jacket off!

I am now busy working on the bears for the on line show, preview has to be up and ready by 1st November.    So the next few days (and weeks) are set to be busy yet again .................

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Blumbärchen said...

so wonderful and specially her clothes are a dream!



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