Thursday, September 1, 2011

So little time .................

A long overdue blog update. My visit to the dentist proved somewhat of a disaster. Given a temporary filling and was told that I would need to have the tooth 'capped' at a cost of some £200. Saturday evening started feeling miserable with a sore throat and spent the rest of the weekend fighting some viral infection. Bronwen visited the same dental practice early on Monday morning to hear that the dentist and another member of staff had phoned in sick. Guess where I picked up this dratted bug. I am only now starting to feel human again after a visit to the doctor and a course of antibiotics!
This has slowed down my work somewhat and Hugglets is very much just around the corner. We are both battling to complete our usual ten bears each for the show. I have spent the day embroidering clothes for just one little girl. Well who needs sleep anyway!!
My bead soup mix is sitting waiting and I have started putting together some ideas and hunting through my stash for additional beads, findings etc. I will only be able to give this my full attention after the show on the 11th Sept but that will give me six days to get it all complete and photographed.
Pictures of bears soon hopefully.


Hanni said...

Oh my goodness, you go to the doctor or dentist to get better and not picking up nasty viruses there, they should have known if they were sick. Hoepfully you will feel better soon, get plenty of rest!

June said...

Oh so sorry you've had so much going on. I hate dental problems and I hate going to the dentist.
Please take care of yourself and get better.
sending hugs your way..

IRIS said...

Dear Wendy, I wish you to get well soon!

Pepita said...

I am sorry to hear you were sick. Hope you feel better soon. Good luck on the Bead Soup.

Have been working with mine and I think I am on a roll...



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