Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time flies and who needs sleep anyway!

I have been trying hard to keep away from my computer for several days.
So much to do and very little time left to complete bears.  We usually set a target of at least ten bears each which makes a good display of about twenty bears.  At this stage we have total of eleven and given that we dress our bears, embroider tiny flowers on their clothing etc time is running out.  Hence my heading on who needs sleep anyway!
The weather has been amazing for part of the week, warm sunshine with just a little wind.  This morning we woke to a wild and windy day, rain and grey skies, autumn is just around the corner.
I have a few pictures to share taken over the past few weeks.
I spent an afternoon with Austin, YoonMi and Victoria and we visited the park for tea.  A little girl who is  growing by leaps and bounds.  Austin has informed me that she now has two 'fangs' and she is starting to crawl.  They have moved into a bigger flat on the outskirts of London and have acquired a baby prison (playpen) to keep her out of harm's way as everything finds it way into her mouth! She does need to grow some hair as she is still a somewhat bald little baby.

The park was full of wonderful flowers arranged by colour
A sign under the window of an old house we walked past, wonder who lives there?  Another of those sad neglected houses so often found in England, need lots of love and care
I have managed to complete some beading but the Bead Soup entry is sitting waiting until after the Hugglets show.  This a brooch I made with a resin cabochon with tiny beaded leaves and flowers photographed on my beautiful lace scarf.  Something new for our Etsy 'Grace & Whimsy' store
Finally a selection of some of the geraniums I have in the garden.  Beautiful vibrant colour

These are some of the plants that I found for a song at the local farmer's market.  The ivy geranium is from a selection of plants offered by our Sunday newspaper, the most amazing burgundy colour.
And so, back to work lots of bears waiting. Hope to have some pictures to share by the end of the week when I will also get around to updating our webpage.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments, I hope to start catching up again next week but of course there is the next round of orders to complete and have to start planning for the next on line show in November.
Have a good week...........

Darn the wheel of the world! Why must it continually turn over? Where is the reverse gear ~Jack London

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