Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bead Soup and other things

My bead soup partner Pepita has received her selection of beads. Now that the secret is out of the box so to speak, I can share this picture with you....
Pepita's blog is new and with little information on which to work, I put together a selection of  beads working on the assumption that everyone likes blue.  Was a little disconcerted to read that she previously owned a beading shop!  On reading of her reaction to my box of beads I think my choice will be challenge for her, in much the same way as I am feeling about the beads which I received from Pepita.  I have up to now worked mainly with seed beads, so I this will be a new experience for me.
Which brings me to another subject.  Why do I have a blog?  I know that for some it is a marketing tool, another on line place to promote their creations.  For others it is way of communicating and meeting like minded friends from around the world.  There are also those who use their blog to write of the ups and downs in their lives.  I rather tend to fall  into all of these categories, moving across the world to another country helped to keep in touch when I do not have time to write to each of my special friends, adding pictures of some of the wonderful places I have been so privileged to visit. It definitely has been a place where I have shared the highs and lows of my new life as well as being a forum to show my latest bears and other creations.  So that is why I try and keep my blog updated as much as possible 'tho I am starting to discipline myself not to spend too much time in front of my computer and actually do some creative work. I have made new on line friends and found some awesome blogs to follow.
Finally I seem to have acquired a dreaded virus with 'flu like symptoms. My head feels like a big wad of cotton wool, thankfully the sore throat has settled and is now not too severe. A planned weekend of work has fallen by the wayside but at least I have a good book to read!

Like everybody else, when I don't know what else to do, I seem to go in for catching colds. ~George Jean Nathan


June said...

Darn it sorry to hear you are sick! Take is easy and get better.
I blog for a lot of reasons too. I am always surprised at how much it has added to my life to know women like you. I did have to wean myself off a bit, because nothing was getting done around here. lol!
sending healing hugs...

Pepita said...

I am sorry to hear you came down with the flu. Chickensoup I say. Hope you feel better soon.

No need to be disconcerted that I previously owned a bead shop. All it means that I never got around to beading....:-)

Some great ideas are floating around in my brain concerning the soup. I am thinking at least 2 pieces.


Southern Bears said...

Get better soon ... take care of yourself. With regard to blogging, I have met the most amazing people and discovered so many wonderful artists and crafters and best of all I discovered you and your darling bears.

Pat xx


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