Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Of rainbows and other events of everyday life......................

With so many orders to complete and having decided to limit my time at the computer I have actually managed to get quite a lot of work done the past few weeks.
We were so thrilled to once again have a selection of our creations included in Teddy Bears of Witney 2012 catalogue. This is a collage picture showing my Harley Hare and two little kittens AJ and Cleopatra as well as Megan's Victoria with Sarah and the little pink girl called Serenity.
I am not good at making limited editions and I am presently trying to complete the series by the end of September!   Harley Hare's clothing is a little labour intensive, fortunately the little kitties are fairly simple but small so require careful stitching.
We have been enjoying the most amazing weather over the past few days, balmy autumn days with no rain and a gentle breeze, time to catch up with the washing.  It always smells so much better when dried out in the fresh air.
We are still harvesting tomatoes and beans. It has not been a good year for vegetables, a fairly mild summer with little rain but so far we have picked some 500 tomatoes.  My husband has a less intensive schedule than I do and he has the time to play tomato record keeper!
The birds are still flocking to the feeders, the babies now well grown and self-sufficient.  We have a flock of noisy starlings who arrive each day. They eat all the suet balls, fight for space in the bird baths, generally behave like hooligans earning the title 'the spotted gang'.  Once they leave for the day the smaller birds return and enjoy the remains of whatever is left.
Victoria came to visit this weekend. She is still rather bald but has lots of very fine hair which is finally starting to grow. I have made two crochet hair bands for her which look very cute.   All the hair bands I had seen seem to either be on an elastic band or slide on. In my wisdom I decided to make an open band with Velcro to fasten, works relatively well  but somewhat inclined to slip down and cover her eyes! 
From childhood I have had a fascination with rainbows, growing up in Africa with magnificent open spaces and skies I was one of those unusual souls who would stop to gaze in awe at the beauty of the sky.  On our way back from the London show I was thrilled to see a large rainbow just before sunset.  Megan managed to take some pictures whilst I was driving, not the best but unfortunately there was nowhere safe to stop.  Think that a bigger camera with special lenses might help for this type of photography but the dark rain clouds and ploughed autumn fields add a touch of interest.

Leaving the supermarket last week I was amazed to see the biggest rainbow I have ever seen also in the evening sky. One of those rainbows that has a reflection almost as intense in colour as the main section.  Unfortunately I do not always carry my camera with me so had to use my mobile phone camera which is not the best but the few pictures I did manage to take are quite amazing, looks rather like a large planet!  The street lights add an interesting perspective.
Rather a mixed blog of bears, scenery and news and finally pictures of  bright green leaves with raindrops and a vase of pink daisies from the garden.

Enjoy the rest of the week and I am back to stitching ................

As a professional life magician I can assure you that a smile to the postman, cupcakes to your friend and the thank you note to your grandpa can make miracles ~ unknown


Tricotine said...

I like rainbows too.

IRIS said...

thank you Wendy for your beautiful post!

June said...

I love your mixed blog post Wendy. Congratulations on being in the Teddy Bears of Witney.
Your photos of the beautiful rainbow are gorgeous!
hugs from here...


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