Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bead Soup and life ...........

Life is as usual, in the fast lane with orders to complete and deadlines looming.
Firstly, thank you to all those special people who have taken the time to visit my blog,  your encouraging comments are most appreciated.
I have been visiting bead soup blogs between times amazing what one can do with a cup of tea in one hand! Such a pleasure to see all the amazing creations each one so unique. Unfortunately I am also having problems with either my pc, internet connection and blogger (perhaps all three!) with the result that several of my comments have not been saved. It is going to take me some weeks to finally visit (and re-visit) all the blogs but hopefully I will get there eventually.
A few pictures to share.
hydranges from the garden. These have been included in many of our recent pictures, just love the faded blue colour.

fragrant white roses in the last days of summer, autumn is starting to take hold. With the solstice on 23 Sept autumn will officially begin, the days are shortening and we have been warned of a severe winter.
A corner of our work room.  The old window frame which Megan found in France, think she has ideas for it but at the moment it has been sanded and cleaned and used for an interesting display piece.   When we lived in France there was a wealth of 'junk' on the overgrown piece of land next to our house, perhaps we should have searched a little more might have found some more treasures.
Today I am taking a break and spending time with YoonMi and Victoria as Austin is away doing his army stuff.
Enjoy the rest of the week, the weekend beckons...............

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus

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