Saturday, August 13, 2011

.... of hedgehogs and other things...............

Last year, whilst walking Max early in the morning, Bronwen rescued a young hedgehog from a cat.  Trying to keep him in contained in a box to recuperate did not work.  We eventually just left him out in the garden to fend for himself which he did admirably.  He has subsequently visited our garden regularly at night over the past year happily eating the food left out for him.  Last night Bronwen was delighted to discover he has a companion, not easy to find them in the dark but this one is very small and timid and ran away.
After some internet research we persuaded Mervyn to build a hedgehog house for winter hibernation.  We were a little concerned as to how we would inform Hamish that he has a nice warm house to live in.  The little wooden house has been placed in a quiet corner of the garden under a tree. It is warm, waterproof and filled with straw just waiting for a prickly tenant.  This morning Megan lifted the lid and discovered a very sleepy and cross hedgehog inside!  So thrilled and hopefully his little friend will join him.
This past week I read that hedgehogs will most probably be extinct in the UK within fifteen years partly due to the use of pesticides and fenced gardens.  Apparently a hedgehog needs to be able to access about eight gardens to feed successfully and fences/walls rather prevent this.  Sadly some 50 000 are killed by motorists each year.  A rather disquieting statistic as they, like badgers, are such a special part of the English countryside.
I have been looking at my bead selection for the BSBP, adding some from my own stash and trying to come up with something special.  Still in the planning stages but hope to get working on my ideas soon. 
I have also managed to complete several bears recently.
 Cornflower who has found a new home through e-bay and will be on her way to the USA next week.
Gillyflower who will be added to our webpage shortly and

Grace who was a special commission also destined for America.
Some pictures to share, young ducks with their Mom on the village pond.
 The farmers have been harvesting for the past few weeks, working late into the night. This amazing picture is taken from the end of our road looking across to the skyline, bales of hay as far as the eye can see.

I am off to London this afternoon to babysit Victoria until next time......

Grandparents are similar to a piece of string - handy to have around and easily wrapped around the fingers of their grandchildren. ~Author Unknown


June said...

Hi Wendy,
I do hope your little hedgehog will love his winter home and be 'snug as a bug' during the cold months coming.
I love your little bears so much. So pretty every one of them.
Have a great time with Victoria!
sending hugs...

Mascottblog said...

Those flower bears are just lovely !


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