Sunday, July 31, 2011

Something beautiful to share

Another week begins. I have been sorting through all my UFOs, those items of beading, embroidery etc that I started with so much enthusiasm but time and life intervened. Trying to discipline myself to not start anything new before completing at least one of them is proving difficult! Bears of course take priority but I am trying to set aside one day a week for other creative work. Will report on how successful this proves to be in due course!

I have lots of photographs taken over the past several weeks, my excursions  to London plus a picnic in the park and a visit to Cambridge. Need to edit and crop a selection of pics and hope to have something to share this week.

In the meantime something really beautiful to share. Gregory Colbert, Canadian film-maker and photographer created Ashes and Snow, an exhibition of photographic artworks and films housed in the Nomadic Museum.

“When I started Ashes and Snow in 1992, I set out to explore the relationship between man and animals from the inside out. In discovering the shared language and poetic sensibilities of all animals, I am working towards restoring the common ground that once existed when people lived in harmony with animals. Gregory Colbert”

To view the full selection of these incredible photographs visit:

There are also several You Tube videos worth viewing, this is just one of many:

Wishing you all a wonderful week............

If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected; Whatever befalls the Earth befalls the sons of the Earth. ~Chief Seattle of the Suquamish Tribe, letter to President Franklin Pierce

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les Lily'z bears said...

Chidrens with animals ! It's my life ! Beautiful pictures


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