Monday, July 25, 2011

A busy week ahead.............

A break this week from my temping assignment. Have to take the opportunity to get working on bears for Hugglets and orders.
I have been feeling very uncreative and wondering what I can do with my little bears that I have not done so many times before. Looking through our file of pictures and magazine articles spotted a little pansy purse bear which I made some time ago. I have revived the idea again for a little pink bear who is now ready to be listed on e-bay.
Last week was a sort of catch up time after having been working for several weeks. An appointment for Mervyn with the audiologist at our nearest hospital turned into one of those occasions that after the event I can laugh about. At the time it was somewhat stressful to arrive at the hospital and discover that due to a mistake with the booking, he should be at the hospital in Cambridge. Rushed home to grab the satnav and headed off to an extremely large hospital with no idea where he had to go. We made the revised appointment by just two minutes!
Friday was the day for the annual MOT for my car. All went well except for a headlight needing adjusting and a new bulb. Finding a replacement bulb was another story and I eventually had to go to the Vauxhall agents to get one that would fit! They did not have any in stock (apparently they never have to be replaced haha) so it had to be ordered in. 
The final event of the week was taking poor little Leila to the vet as she seems to have developed a bladder problem. For this little cat such an event is extremely traumatic but she is now on medication which hopefully will help to clear up the inflammation.
So back to stitching .................


les Lily'z bears said...

She's a very sweet girl and pretty !

June said...

You have had such a busy time of it lately Wendy and yet still have your sense of humor intact. I am so sorry to that you had such a time with the hospital appt. and the car inspection. Those are the aggrevations that we just don't need when we have much to do.

Your little pansy bear is just the prettiest little flower girl!

sending big hugs from here...


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