Thursday, January 6, 2011

New bears and other news......

Productive start to the New year, I have dressed two little bears this week. This is Alice, with a hand embroidered cardi and tiny bear friend.
Still have to take some photos of the little boy bear, hopefully tomorrow I can fit it in between house cleaning and other chores.
Grand Central bird feeding station is still attracting an incredible number of birds. The jay brought along a companion today and they spent a good half hour eating all the squirrel food. As the squirrels did not visit today it was not too much of a problem. For some months we had a single squirrel visitor but the past few weeks in the extreme cold and with little food available, we have had three furry visitors. They still do not how to handle the squirrel feeder, sitting at the front putting tiny hands under the piece of plastic and pulling the food to the front. Megan always fills the feeders early in the morning and yesterday surprised a very early visitor, a young squirrel who took fright and ran up the tree in the neighbour's garden. It spent a good hour sitting looking terrified hanging on to a narrow branch, eventually plucking up the courage to come down and rush back across the garden. They are fascinating creatures busy burying food in various parts of the garden, digging holes and then patting the soil down with their tiny hands. I know many people consider them vermin but I enjoy watching them.
I have so enjoyed the TV series The Bear Family and Me, watching the bear cubs I could see the inspiration for the 'humanised' teddy bear. Sad that one bear should end up as a hunter's trophy.
My Photoshop on line workshop has come to end and I have learnt a lot, still lots of ground to cover but I have had fun experimenting with many of my photographs, the icy leaf looks amazing with the addition of texture as does the bowl of lilac flowers.
and the chateau at Jocelyn looks almost like a piece of tapestry.
>Started off the New Year with an expensive visit to the dentist, after three visits last year to replace a veneer which continually detached itself from my front tooth. So will have to get busy working to help pay for the unexpected extra expenditure. A picture of Dicken my little boy hopefully tomorrow and I am now off to bed as it is very late .................

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Southern Bears said...

Hello Wendy, Alice is so sweet and so feminine, like a perfect rosebud. And how you sew those teensy weensy bears is beyond my wildest imaginings. Dental expenses ... yuk! such a grudge purchase!

Pat xx


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