Sunday, October 10, 2010

An auspicious day ..............

A good day for a blog update, one of those auspicious days in the calendar, 10/10/10.
Yesterday we took a drive to Colchester to visit Austin, an opportunity to spend family time together as he will be away for some six months.
It was also an opportunity to see Colchester. The oldest recorded town in Britain with a lot of historical spots to visit. Unfortunately we had limited time and only managed to walk around the castle and explore the large park and grounds. Coming from a very flat Cambridgeshire it was a pleasure to find some hills and lots of amazing trees.

The war memorial at the entrance to the castle grounds

An entrance through the old castle walls. This town was also the capital of Roman Britain for a time and the castle is apparently built over the vaults of the ruined Temple of Claudius.

The park is well laid out with beautiful trees. A ladybug 'shrub' and of course for all the beary people out there, a Mommy and baby panda.

The khoi pond and some of its colourful inhabitants. The park is full of the tamest squirrels who rush to greet you but soon loose interest when they find you have nothing to eat in your hands.
A miniature Greek temple hidden on a hill amongst a grove of trees.
And finally a wonderful Tudor house at the end of the park. 
Hope to have some new bears to show shortly, have several new orders to complete this week so will be busy stitching. 
More next time .....................

The family - that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to.  ~Dodie Smith

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