Thursday, September 9, 2010

Must have forgotten something........................

Last night I put the finishing touches to my last little bear, just one meerkat to trim and then all is done! Can't help feeling that we must have had busy elves helping us at night as last Sunday we only had four completed creations.
All that is left is labelling (finding names for bears), packing and driving to London oh yes and of course a most important part, update our web page. Remembered yesterday that we did not have any packaging materials so spent time web shopping to find carry bags and tissue paper. Love internet shopping, hopefully our order will arrive today.
Bronwen started her new job last week and promptly caught 'flu from one of her co-workers. I am now starting to cough and seem to have succumbed to the same dreaded bug, something I do not need right now.  Managed to be fine all summer except for the germs so kindly shared by a fellow passenger on my Cape Town trip in early March. All the medicines are out including my trusty home made cough and cold medicine.
Back to work but a picture to share, a bear called Nantucket Briar. Sitting on a Crabtree & Evelyn box found at a boot market and trimmed with an assortment of vintage flowers in shades of blue.
More news after the show on Sunday, looking forward to seeing friends and catching up on news. Safe journeying to those travelling from afar.................

Wind chimes in your yard will serenade garden creatures - squirrels, fairies and angels.  ~Author Unknown


Blumbärchen said...

another lovely one from your wonderful bears.....I like him very much!

Best regards

TinyBear said...

Such a cute little one - can´t wait to see the rest.
Looking forward to see you on Sunday Wendy
xo Tina

Alba Linea said...

such a sweety little treasure! love the way you made your bears!
best wishes and big bear hugs!


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