Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring flowers...................

It is exciting to discover all the wonderful spring flowers starting to appear in our garden and under the trees behind our fence. These houses originally had a much larger garden which is evident from the sawn off fencing posts. In and around the trees I have discovered a wide selection of flowers. The yellow forsythia is quite common in our area and when I moved in I cut back so much of what appeared to be dead sticks and is now a flush of colour. The daffodils appeared in the centre island between our row of houses.

The wild violets are prolific behind our fence and whilst exploring I discovered this rather exotic fritallaria or snake's head alpine lily. Please note the two tiny ladybugs on the tree behind the flower.
My final discovery was these true blue grape hyacinths. I am waiting for the tulips to open and I wonder what else I will find. The planning consent for houses to be built on this wonderful open piece of land with old trees has I think, once again been turned down. I sincerely hope that this development by a greedy developer will never be allowed as there are so many beautiful flowers, trees and wonderful birds here. I will really miss looking out at this place of heavenly tranquillity from my work room window and the birds will miss the restaurant. 
Still have to edit all the photographs of the old castle and priory we discovered on our Sunday outing so more later.
To end on a beary note, I have listed a lovely pincushion bear on e-bay. Peony is a perfect introduction to spring after a long winter.

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