Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend happenings................

I finally seem to have recovered from the dreaded 'flu and starting to feel human again.
The weeks are flying by and we should be packing for the next big move but we also have orders to complete. This little purple bear called Wisteria is now finally complete and listed on e-bay. I finally had the courage to use some of my hoarded and expensive French vintage silk ribbon. It is the exact match for the fabric used to make the bear so most suitable. 
We have been very busy the past few weekends and on Easter Saturday we visited the town of Castle Acre (not very imaginative) in Norfolk. The weather was still rather cool so we enjoyed our picnic lunch in the comfort of the car. As usual I took a lot of pictures and I have finally taken the time to edit and a selection to share. The remains of the Norman castle are quite interesting as it is built on a fairly steep hill and accessible by walkways.
 Little remains of the castle other than outer walls and some of the doorways. We then visited the priory stopping on the way to photograph a very pretty church and graveyard. This old grave was filled with an assortment of daffodils and I found the little bluebells under a tree quite hidden away.

I spotted the yellow primroses in a garden and sneaked around the gate to take quick picture. The ancient tree was in the grounds of the priory. It is so old and large that some of the bigger branches are growing into the ground, just could not fit it into my picture.

The other pictures are different views of the Priory. Destroyed on the orders of King Henry VIII during the time of the dissolution of the Church there is little remaining of this once magnificent structure.

And finally a model of the building as it would have looked originally.

More next time.................

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IRIS said...

Beautiful WISTERIA! What a lovely bear! I like her slim legs!


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