Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Autumn walks..........................

Another long overdue update, miss keeping up to date with my blog. Here is all my latest news with lots of pictures. Apologies are due to my special friends in CT, I have not forgotten you and will e-mail you in the next few days.
I am enjoying the changing seasons with all the beautiful colours on the trees and have finally taken some more photos of the area around our new home. Autumn has arrived and it is now extremely chilly in the mornings and evenings. My morning walk is interesting as, well wrapped against the cold wind (not quite as violent as Cape Town yet!), I return home nicely warmed but with a frozen face. A picture of the early morning sky, quite beautiful but so much more gentle with pastel colours so different to the vibrancy of an African sunrise....
A picture of the old oak trees framing a view of slightly rolling countryside!

Autumn in England does not have the rich colours seen in the States but is of a more gentle transition I think. There are some beautiful trees around our home which are now changing colour. Please note the unusual double seat carved in the tree trunk and the carefully placed plant pot for litter.
We are situated across the road from a RAF base and clinic. This has for some years been used by the American Air Force but most of the buildings are now derelict and only the clinic appears to be in use. I am sad to see the degradation of buildings in this country, totally vandalised with every window and door smashed. Such a waste of beautiful buildings.
This is a house which has apparently been empty for some 25 years also in a state of total disrepair. I have undertaken some internet research on this area and discovered that it was used by the American children as a haunted house at Halloween. It sits on a large piece of land and would make a wonderful project for renovation, don't know how much damage there is to the structure but the roof appears quite sound. I also discovered that the property belongs to a developer who had great plans to build a large number of houses, but planning consent was denied. This is a small village and the infrastructure would hardly support such a development.
It is almost Halloween and Megan is very happy as she can indulge herself with pumpkins and spooky things. She has created a wonderful little bear and pumpkin which is featured on our webpage. I have made a needle felted moon which I covered in glitter and used as a base for a tiny bear. This is presently listed on e-bay but I have included a picture on our webpage.
Speaking of the webpage herein lies a tale of woe. I have used Dreamweaver for many years and had purchased the software a very long time ago. In the big move my computer was damaged in transit and will have to be replaced when funds are available! In the meantime I am using my laptop for all my work. I have had major problems with the copies of software which I 'borrowed' from Austin and spent several hours yesterday downloading a 30 day trial of Dreamweaver so that I could finally work on our webpage. At a cost of over $1000 I will not be buying this but hopefully when my computer is replaced and all the data retrieved from my old PC I will have my software programmes available again!
I have to share a pic of Sasha sleeping on the windowsill in our workroom. His life has gone full circle as he used to sleep on the top of the bookcase right under the window in our very first working area in the Mowbray house. He seems to be ageing quite rapidly and 'tho he is eating well, he is quite thin. The shock attack by Max has left him a very bothered kitty, he has never been the most confident of cats. I discovered that he and Leila like to sleep in the built-in cupboard in the main bedroom. As it is right next to the boiler in the bathroom I think that is must be a wonderful warm place to sleep!
Yesterday afternoon Bronwen and I took Max for a walk along a public pathway through a farm. First time we have explored this option as the big dog needs lots of exercise. The wind was very cold and there is little shelter from the elements on the very flat landscape here. This church photographed across the plowed fields, is in the village of Warboys. We enjoyed the walk and managed to exhaust the big dog for a short time! I was not charmed to find that people do not clean up their doggy 'land mines' when walking so it was a case of watching where you walked.
That is about all my news for the moment. To all the readers of my blog thank you for taking the time to visit and read all the news and happenings in my life, please feel free to leave comments as I would love to hear from you.
To encourage you and as I will shortly be celebrating a special birthday, I will be offering my first give-away on my blog later this week, do keep reading as I will provide full details later.....


Ruth said...

Those flattish , pastel landscapes are very familiar to me :0)
I'll be sure to stop by your blog again soon - I've added you to my links , hope that's OK .
Mini Hugs , Ruth

Wendy Chamberlain said...

Dear Ruth
Thank you for your comment, the pastel colours around here are quite beautiful. Did not think I would see such pretty evening/morning skies! Thank you for adding me to your links, will do the same for you.

Jane said...

Beautiful pics and great story about the kitties... looks like you've found a great village and nice area. So happy for you both!!

Take care,


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