Monday, April 27, 2009

A very large street market.............

Yesterday we headed in a different direction. I have found an internet site which lists all the various antique/flea markets all over France each day! So we drove towards the coast to Saint Brieuc (still have not seen the sea!). This is a slightly bigger town and after a few wrong turns managed to find our way quite easily. It was a mind boggling market with over 500 exhibitors. Started near the parking area of a large furniture store and just went on down two narrow streets, in all sorts of nooks and corners. The weather was rather like Cape Town in winter, totally unpredictable, one minute the sun shining and warm then a cold wind with clouds. It started drizzling just as we were leaving and by the time we reached the car the rain had stopped.
We started at the beginning and walking down the streets which led into a residential area with the residents making full use of the opportunity and setting up stalls outside their homes or in the garage. This was once again a market of stark contrasts. Lovely antiques, lots of second hand clothing and lots of junk. Found a piece of old lace, some old skeins of DMC crochet yarn in pretty pastel colours (I want to make some flowers) and a bag of assorted knitting yarns all pure wool for which I have felting ideas! My final purchase was one large crystal pendant from a chandelier. Want to hang this in the front window, really miss all my crystals which are packed with everything in storage. In all I was very good and did not break the bank but we had an enjoyable day. No pics I'm afraid as there was not really anything exciting to photograph.
I recently received a newsletter from the Cape Embroidery Guild (thank you Pam). Mention was made of the various outlets in Cape Town for ribbons, fabrics etc. Things I have for so long taken for granted. Europe seems to be quite different. That is one of the reasons I haunt the weekend markets searching for sewing supplies, vintage and used (you know all those good intentions which end up being given away, here they sell them!). I have not yet found many shops which sell a good selection of sewing supplies, a small amount of basic sewing stuff, some ribbons and embroidery supplies is all I have found in my travels. Embroidery seems to be very popular with a wide selection of French magazines with beautiful cross stitch and embroidery. I have yet to see any beading magazines and get the impression that bead shops are few, certainly there are none around this area. Megan has resorted to internet shopping for filling, silk threads and things we got used to walking into a shop to buy. I have been buying my Delica beads from America at a considerable saving even with the postage. Perhaps once we have settled in the UK out of London we might find some outlets, it will be interesting seeking them out!
Have started stitching outfits for the 'bare' bears. Making clothing for bears is a constant learning curve, they have no shoulders, big tummies with no waist, long arms and short legs. Each pattern requires a unique design to accommodate any differences in the pattern design. I made two little high waisted dresses which were fine on the bears now I need to knit a cardi and perhaps make a small toy for one little girl. However, the other two bears were a different story. Used a pattern for boy's overalls which work well for most of my bears with perhaps some minor adjustment. This time one is not too bad but the second one looks as if he is wearing big brother's clothes. So back to the drawing board, the amazing thing is that both these bears are made using the same pattern. Just a slight difference in size can create problems.
This little boy is on his way to America but I need to get working tomorrow. Today was market day and shopping for fresh vegs as well as the usual supermarket stop. So two days off with little work completed and those undressed bears are waiting.

And this I could not resist as my dear husband was asking if I would replace a button and was told here is a needle and thread do it yourself..............

Asking a seamstress to mend is like asking Michelangelo to paint your garage. ~Author Unknown

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