Thursday, April 30, 2009

A completed bear at last.....................

This has been a week of ups and downs, more down than up unfortunately. When we arrived in the UK we bought a good secondhand car as we knew we would be travelling quite considerably between the continent and England during the next few months. I have to admit that I have not gone 'green' and purchased a Vauxhall Zaphira multi purpose vehicle as it had space for all our stuff as well as cats etc. It has proved its worth and is a pleasure to drive. However, over the past few weeks I have heard a distinct rattling sound on the front wheel every time I hit a bump. Remember we live in rural France with narrow roads which whilst well maintained, are quite patched and when you meet an enormous tractor necessity means driving on the grass verge. Anyway took the car to the nearest garage in Noyal Pontivy. Now my French is geared to cope with the Post Office and shopping not the intricacies of mechanical know how on a motor car. Anyway I managed to get the mechanic to drive with me in the car telling him to drive over bumpy roads. Well he speaks little or no English and the resultant exchange was hilarious to say the least. Anyway he heard the noise, put the car up and showed me that one of the shock absorber springs had fractured and the broken piece was rattling around. After much discussion on his part in rapid French and my hesitant broken French/English I managed to understand that he would have to order the parts and book a date. After much frustration on both sides and lots of laughter as I do understand quite a lot more than I thought, the car was booked for yesterday afternoon. Quick and very efficient service and lots of money later my car is fixed, however an expense that I could have done without!
I have finally managed to complete one bear and here she is all ready for her e-bay listing.
Megan and I try and keep in touch by sending pics to each other of our latest creations. She told me that this little girl looked very sad (a lesson in not making bears when you are feeling down) and needed a companion. I stitched her a tiny puppy he is less than 2" and made from some shaggy pile fabric which I don't really like for bears. Anyway it seems to have brought a smile to the face of little Rebecca. Just have to wait for brighter weather to take some good photos for e-bay. One new learning curve for me is photographing miniature bears, the light is so different and I find that I have a problem with my pictures looking very dark. This picture was taken under the skylight on the landing where I have set up my working space. However it is still dark and I might have to invest in something to help with my photography.
Tomorrow is a public holiday here in France, as it is in South Africa. To all my Cape Town friends and Michelle from Honeydew bears all the best for the show tomorrow. May the weather be good and that the forecast rain blown away by a strong southeaster. Wishing you lots of sales and a great time, will miss being there for the first time since the show started some 11 years ago! Hope you have a good turn out and that the ridiculous entry fee of R50 does not deter your customers. Won't get on my soap box about Churches wanting to make a lot of money when the world is in recession!!!! Anyway break the bear's leg so to speak, enjoy the weekend.
I am thrilled as Megan will be arriving on Saturday ( despite the hour's drive to collect her from Dinard!).

People seem to get nostalgic about a lot of things they weren't so crazy about the first time around. ~Author Unknown


Southern Bears said...

Rebecca is beautiful, but sad. Have a lovely weekend with your daughter.

Pat xx

Prim's by Kim said...

The sweetest thing I have seen all day =D


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