Friday, January 23, 2009

Yes I know I should be making bears .....................

Today we had a whole family of guinea fowl in the front wilderness! Several adults as well as quite a few babies, very shy and not too happy to have a human watching them. Have found that most of the wild life around here is quite tame, there is a mongoose in the street below ours that I have spotted on several occasions. Last time I slowed down to have a look at him he obliged by sitting on a piece of wood and checking me out! Spotted a tortoise wending his way down a mountain path and of course there are a myriad of amazing birds around as well as our friends the baboons! Unfortunately it is not whale season as they have migrated south again and will only return in winter. Have yet to see any dolphins but am ever hopeful and of course I saw a little dung beetle busily pushing his requisite gatherings across the road. Something I have not seen in years, gosh I have become a city girl.........................

Today was a very beautiful clear day and not unbearably hot. For the first time I could actually see across the bay to Muizenberg and Simon's Town. Unfortunately by evening the clarity of the sky had changed and this picture is not as clear. I also had the sun in my eyes and could not actually see what I was photographing so it is a little far in the distance (which it actually is anyway). It is a side view of Devil's Peak just around the corner is Table Mountain and Cape Town city. My previous home was at the base of that mountain, not too far as the crows flies but an hour and half drive away. When viewing False Bay from this angle can imagine that with global warming Cape Town could well become an island!
Yes I know I should be making bears but I did try and figure out how to make beaded Russian leaves, did not get too far and I got into reading yet another book.....................

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle The other is as though everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein

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