Sunday, January 25, 2009

A bear and some beading..............

I have to admit to being most uncreative these past few weeks. However I have completed two bracelets and a bear so herewith pics..............

The black bead and crystal bracelet is from a kit which I purchased some time ago, the brown bracelet is made from vintage beads and crystals, a design from one of our local beading magazines. Like many crafters I have a
selection of UFOs lying around. I started a netted bead necklace several months ago leaving the unfinished piece draped around a neck form right in the corner of my studio certainly not in direct sunlight. In the big move I decided that I should try and complete this project before I move overseas. On checking the beads to ensure that I had sufficient to finish the item, I was surprised to discover that they had changed colour and faded considerably. A hard lesson as I had spent many hours on this creation. Some of the beads are not high quality but the drop beads are supposedly the best on the market. I am faced with the prospect of a necklace which does not match in colour or just shelving the whole thing and starting again! Annoying as there is only a small section to complete. I find photographing beadwork is very different to three dimensional teddy bears and will be a whole new learning curve. Will have to pull out all the books with articles on bead photography.

The little bear has been around for some weeks minus eyes! Now that she can see I have dressed her in a very pretty pastel cardi that Megan kindly donated. The cardi needs buttons and I have decide on ribbons etc, however something to show after weeks of creative inactivity.


Kate said...

Hi Wendy,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I've entered your name for the drawing.

Come back again.


BTW, love the bracelets!

Sonnja said...

What a lovely Bear!
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Bear Zonn


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