Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pringle Bay......................

Where thou art - that - is Home. ~Emily Dickinson

The three day packing up saga is now over. Interesting to watch just how professional packers do their work, had to make sure that no unwanted items disappeared into boxes. All the boxes we had carefully packed where repacked and everything labelled. Sure the packers wished that we had a shorter name! All finally cleared out and a totally empty house late Friday afternoon. That is of course with the exception of all the stuff moved to Pringle Bay. Then the task of cleaning the house. Strange to say that once all my personal things were removed the house became an empty shell and 'tho I did feel a little sadness at leaving it was not as bad as I had thought it would be. My soul is not there any more and I am convinced now that it is family that makes your home not four walls!
We were all totally exhausted by the end of the day and I had already made one long trip to Pringle Bay in the morning with a load of stuff.
Loaded up the car with the final lot of stuff, computer etc and set off quite late. Just before Somerset West there was a police roadblock where we sat for 30 minutes wasting time and fuel! Get sent off to one side by a policeman and had to sit patiently whilst my car registration and driver's licence were checked. Not needed when hot, tired and anxious to get to our destination in the country where there are no street lights and the road is winding and twisting right next to the sea!
Eventually arrived just as the sun disappeared over the horizon, unpacked the car and collapsed!
Today we had to go into Cape Town to hand the last set of keys to the owner. Have not heard from the estate agent since the bond was approved early in October. Phones me on my mobile to remind me that we have to be out of the house today! Was very tempted to say gosh as you had not put a sold sign on your board was not aware that the house had been sold and we are still in residence!
The modem I purchased at great expense to ensure continued internet access was set up to work in Cape Town by the most helpful call out person. However 'tho I told him that I would be moving to Pringle Bay by the end of the week and he assured me that it would be fine it did not work. Drama as I need my internet access for business as well as keeping in touch with the outside world. So today I went all the way to one of our busy shoping malls to try and find out why it was not working. Well cell phone salesmen are totally useless and after being sent from one shop to the other and being told that perhaps I should get another modem as this one might be faulty ('tho it was working fine) I decided to phone the support centre for help. It was suggested that I phone from Pringle Bay and then they would be able to assist me and so I now have internet access again, apparently as this area is not covered by 3G had to change the modem settings to GPRS. So little satellite help here but we are back in the land of the living.
This is a beautiful place, the sunsets are incredible and the air clean and pure. This evening went for a walk to see all the houses, tomorrow will try and get down to the beach and take a long walk. Have not yet seen any baboons 'tho.
Phoned the cattery to check on my kitties. Apparently Mischka is very vocal and follows the owner around talking, most probably complaining about his Mom leaving him there. Little Leila is still a scared child and I am so worried about her but she would be even more terrified here and if she ran away would disappear for ever.
This week have to try and organise our lives in this tiny space so that we can do some work. Megan flies back to London on the 19th Jan. She is presently camping on the floor on piles of cushions as the supposedly sleeper couch has definitely seen better days. She was due to return on the 13th but we managed to change her flight so we have time to do some work together, the Hugglets show is just around the corner.
Well more on the saga of our lives shortly ........................

Home is where you can say anything you like cause nobody listens to you anyway. ~Author Unknown

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