Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The 'Adventure' begins....................

It is already the 7th of Jan 2009 and I have not yet written anything in my blog for the New Year.
It has been an eventful time once again with important things going missing, lots of tears and total exhaustion.
Hired a bakkie yesterday to take clothing, sewing stuff and other items that will be needed for the six month sojourn in France. The heat has been appalling this week poor Megan was dripping wet after loading everything but we managed and there is not much left to take when we finally move out of the house on Friday.
This morning we got up early to take the kitties to the cattery. It meant the usual performance of ensuring that no cats escaped overnight so all the windows had to be closed as well as any access to the roof removed. An early trip to the cat's five star hotel with blankets, food etc. Went this evening to check on them and they are all very unhappy and subdued particularly little Leila. So hope they settle down as they will be there for 4 weeks! I miss them so much we now have no animals in the house and it is so empty.
Then back home to wait for the packers to start their mammoth task. Apart from the fact that they started some 3 hours late, they achieved a lot and we have a partially empty house. Still a lot to do when they return tomorrow and I am anxious to get it all done so that we can get back to some sort of normal life again with proper meals. We no longer have a washing machine or fridge. I hate long life milk, miss my yoghurt and fruit for breakfast and the house is so grubby and my next washing will be done at a laundromat!
The next story in the saga is the disconnection of the telephone. I first wrote to Telkom beginning of November giving 2 months notice for discontinuation of my ADSL line as well a telephone on 31st December. I received a phone call confirming my instructions but on 1st Dec phoned to ensure that it was happening! Was told that they had no record of it please fax them an instruction. Duly did this and phoned to ensure that my fax had been received and that the disconnection process was going to happen and received an assurance that the instruction had been received and I would be contacted telephonically to confirm. Heard nothing by 10th Dec so phoned again and was assured that all was in order and given a reference number.
Well I have been so busy and did not follow up yet again. On the morning of 31st Dec discovered that our land line no longer worked but the ADSL line was still connected. With all the public holidays called into Telkom offices on 3rd Jan and discovered just how aggressive their staff can be. I was told that the line had been disconnected and I should not be using my ADSL line as I had cancelled it!!!! This process apparently takes three weeks!!!! Today I received a call from the house purchaser informing me that the phone was still connected according to Telkom and they would like to take over the line, no problem as it will save them connection fees but what the hell!!!! Total inefficiency is the order of the day in this country. So tomorrow with all the other happenings I will have to call again at Telkom's offices to find out exactly what is going on, cannot use my mobile as it will cost me so much money to make a call to their offices.
Today I had a very special computer person visit to connect my Vodofone modem to my computer this is now working well so hence my latest blog. One good thing today anyway.

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