Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A tiring day....................

Well sorting through the photographs went quite smoothly and fairly quickly. Looking at lots of tiny black and white pictures of strange people is not the best way to spend several hours over a weekend. By strange I don't mean 'odd' just strangers. My father was a great amateur photographer and there were pics of people on camels, horses, ships and buildings spanning several decades. As I am trying to limit the amount of stuff to keep I had to consign them to the bin. There is a lesson here 'tho, don't keep photographs without some indication of who, where and what they are. Wonder if some time in the future we will be ditching our computerised photos for the same reason? I really regret not writing details of pictures taken over the years of my children. I always used to take a picture of the first day back at school and there are various stages of their lives which are quite identifiable but most of them are just photos. Perhaps there is a some merit in the current scrapbooking craze if only for the fact that a better record is kept of family pictures.
Today I am feeling totally exhausted. Went to the PO with a parcel arrived home to find the soon to be owner on the doorstep and spent some time talking to him about the house and garden. The good news is that he is a landscape gardener and will not be consigning my precious plants to the bin. He loves old houses so I think this family will enjoy living in our special house.
Decided to start cleaning out the stove which is to be sold, must confess to being slack in this regard. Only a man could design an oven which one has to virtually climb into to clean with the most foul smelling oven cleaner. Was busy on this task when I received a call in response to my advert for the pine shelves in the workroom. These are very full of stuff which we use but I advertised them as for sale 'without the clutter' not really expecting much response. Well................ this lady wants them both and planned to collect them this evening. Not one to leave a task unfinished I sort of rushed between spraying the oven, leaving it to do its thing and moving stuff from shelves to various areas of the house. Looks like a bomb site at the moment and then she phoned to say that she really does want them but will only come tomorrow lunch time. BTW these shelves are big and we have to take the burglar guards off the window to take them out of the house as they do not make it out of the door! Should be interesting. I did receive one other response to my advert asking if I would please deliver them to Kenilworth they would pay for the petrol!!!!
Well at least the stove looks like new and that is one less task to perform over the next few weeks but I am starting to feel totally exhausted and wondering what on earth I am doing to myself. Tonight I am planning a long soak in the bath with my herbal tea bags which hopefully will not fall apart this time as I do not feel up to cleaning bits of herbs out of the bath!
On an entirely different note I was thrilled to hear that Hilary Clinton has been given the post of Secretary of State. I personally feel that this is something well deserved and a position in which she will do well.

"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance."

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