Wednesday, December 3, 2008

St Jo is still missing and never clean your oven!!!............

Yes St Joseph is still on the 'without a trace' list. Have not had much time to dig deeper to look for him, when I told my neighbour that I seemed to have either mislaid St Jo or sold him with a pot plant he thought it quite hysterical and said that the poor person who bought the plant will be selling their home quite soon!
Went to my last qi gong evening tonight as I will be in Pringle Bay after Christmas and then moving to France. Don't know if I will find anything like that there maybe I will have to do it on my own and join a yoga class (in French) should be interesting.
Got home to prepare dinner. Nothing easy in the freezer but found a quiche which with veg would be a good meal. Well yesterday I cleaned my oven so that it is looking brand spanking new as I have sold it to the new owners of the house. Switched it on to cook the quiche and discovered that the bottom element seems to have expired. So never clean your oven you never know what harm you may do!!! Tomorrow a phone call to my friendly little electrical appliance repair man so there goes some of my profit from the sale, two steps forward and one backward.
The bookcases have gone. This lady really wanted them but kept phoning to change the time for collection. Eventually Mervyn and I removed the burglar guard from the window lifted the bookcases out and left them in the front garden. They were eventually collected later this afternoon.
I am totally amazed just how much was stored on those shelves, stuff which now has to be sorted so that I can pack it, get rid of it or whatever. I am finding it very hard to actually do any work with constant interruptions, moving stuff and getting hot and bothered. This room just does not give off a calm and orderly aura at the moment and I cannot feel creative surrounded by a mess. So tomorrow it is Jessie to the parlour for a shampoo and then the PO to post patterns and then try and make some sense of the disaster area so that I can do some work. One of our collectors is asking if we will have Christmas bears this year as she always buys one. Hope Megan is feeling a lot more inspired than I am as I have not even given a thought to Christmas, usually one of my favourite times of the year when our family gets together to celebrate. This year Megan will be here from the UK, but Bronwen has opted to stay in Durban as she is trying to get her life in order to move end of January and Austin and Yoon-Mi, who would loved to spend Christmas with us could not get a reasonable flight so opted to stay in London.
The most quiet Christmas in years sad to say.

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life....."B Auerbach

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