Sunday, November 30, 2008

I've lost St Joseph ....................... and ladybirds in the garden

After reading that it is quite common practice in the States to bury a small statue of St Joseph in your garden to aid in the selling of your home, I decided to give it a try. Now convent educated child that I am, I am more inclined to follow the teachings of Buddha in my daily life. However, I decided that calling on a saint to help might not be a bad idea. After some research on the internet I found that you can buy kits in America (where else) of this saint, who for the uninitiated by the way, is the patron saint of carpenters, hence the connection to the home. Well knowing that I was not likely to find a kit in SA, I phoned our local Catholic bookshop to inquire whether they had any small statues available in the shop. The very helpful lady informed me that they had some statues ranging in price from R50 to R500 for a really beautiful large statue. On a tight budget I opted for the cheaper version but did not tell the lady in the shop my intentions. I duly bought him home wrapped him carefully in a piece of fabric and buried him in my front garden. Therein lies the problem, now that the house is sold I should disinter this poor Saint, clean him up and give him pride of place in my home. Well sad to say I cannot find him. I cannot remember if I 'planted' him in one of the pots of plants (that I have now sold) or in the garden. A cursory investigation has not unearthed the parcel and my garden is very full of plant roots so I can't dig too deeply. A major excavation would not be the best idea as:
a) the cats would think this a great new area to use as a sand tray &
b) I have not informed Mervyn that I called upon the saints to assist in the sale of the house!
Having read that most people are inclined to forget to their St Joseph in their gardens I suppose I will have to do the same or maybe dig a little deeper!
My garden is sadly depleted with the sale of most of the big pots from the front area. Very sad to see it looking so empty but I am actuall
y feeling quite relaxed about the de-cluttering that is happening in my life. I had a very lovely 'fairy' rose bush right at the bottom of the stairs and yesterday was delighted to discover that it was full of ladybugs. On doing a wikipedia search I discovered that whilst in England and its colonial outposts they are known as ladybirds (always wondered where the 'bird' applies) in America they are known as ladybugs much more appropriate I think. Anyway I had to take some pics to share. One of my neighbors was this week totally devastated to loose his two and a half year old dog to cancer. Victoria was virtually his child and he is feeling quite lost without her in the house. As the rose bush did not seem to appeal to the many plant collectors who have been to buy I donated it to him as a 'remembrance' plant for his garden. So the plant has found a good home, ladybugs and all.
Well back to work on cleaning out, have to look 'thru some 3 boxes of photographs today so will be travelling down memory lane for a while I suppose. Remember this rhythm from your childhood days............
Ladybird, ladybird fly away home,
Your house is on fire and your children are gone,
All except one,
And her name is Ann,
And she hid under the baking pan.
BTW this is just one of several versions of this rhythm and of course you do know that is considered unlucky to kill a ladybird.

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