Friday, November 21, 2008

Things I have found.................

At the moment I am feeling totally overwhelmed with the happenings in my life. There is so much to do and all I seem to be doing is acquiring boxes of 'stuff' everywhere with little evidence of anything moving. I know it is good to unclutter my life but wish it was over. If I was just moving down the road or across the country it might not be such a task but to the other side of the world is a different story.
A good friend sat with me this week and gave me some guidance in meditation. Thank you so much, I am making sure that I set aside time twice a day, still have a mind which goes off at a tangent but will get there eventually I am sure.
Perhaps a lighter side to moving is the things I am finding. Under all my scarves I discovered a pile of long forgotten magazines from my childrens' primary school years. I spent some time looking through to read of Megan
being captured by pirates who tide her to a tree then took her to their ship and made her cook dinner for all of them. She tried my best not to cry when shoted at. But one of the pirates did say that the food smelled delesisi. The pirates wanted more and would not let her go so she lived happy ever after! (her spelling not mine please note).
I found a picture of a very young Bronwen standing clutching a recorder to her chest with the rest of the school orchestra.
And then there was Austin's tale of his mother a short extract of which reads "My mommy is nice, her name is Wendy and she has brown hair. She likes to bake. She makes pancakes. I bet you have never heard of todies-in-the-holies."
Unfortunately I do not have time to read all of them but they are something that I will put in the stuff to keep as they are quite special and cannot be replaced. I also felt a little sad seeing all the familiar names of children who visited our home and attended birthday parties, wonder where they all are now?
Going through piles of beading magazines and just keeping the projects that really interest me is also a little time consuming and I am left with the thought that I don't know if I will ever get round to doing even a quarter of the things in the ever increasing pages I am so carefully filing away. Then there is the thought will I ever remember what I have kept!
Time now seems to be speeding by and there is just so much to do. Went to the storage unit today and went through some more boxes. 'tho Megan and I agreed that it was worth while keeping fabric for future use, I realised that fabrics do date and some of them have been around for a long time, so I now have a box to keep and a box to go.
I am busy knitting a cardi for a new pattern which I need to complete asap. For my pains it is a lacy pattern which is not the easiest to knit and watch TV at the same time so here's hoping.

"A cat's eyes are windows enabling us to see into another world." - Irish Legend

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