Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things we (and others) keep................

With all the happenings in my life recently I totally forgot to relate an amusing story which happened just prior to Halloween. I remember the date as Austin still has 'stuff' at his house in Mowbray and Vera was planning a Halloween party and asked me to come and help sort out his things to put into boxes for me to take to England!!!! Whilst going through masses of books, magazines and obsolete computer equipment I found in a small box with lots of other bits and bobs some live ammunition as well as a small bag of gunpowder. Vera was putting stuff aside for the 'junk' people to take away and suggested that we just put the box in there!! This thought did not appeal so I took the box to my neighbour who is involved with the SA Police. He phoned and asked them to send a van as there was something they should collect.
The two black policemen took one look at the bullets and said I must take them to the police station to which I agreed and said I would get my car. They said "no madam we will take you". Just as I climbed into the police van Mervyn drove around the corner, heavens know what he must have thought but he did not say much when I finally returned home (a man of little emotion or words I'm afraid).
The one policeman told me that these were powerful bullets and they were not even allowed to have anything like that! I was dropped off with my little box and told to speak to the Station Commander. She was in a meeting and I stood by the front counter feeling quite stupid until a kindly coloured policeman asked me if he could help. I showed him the box and he said no problem and he took it into her office for me.
I then had to walk home!!! Austin's only response was 'well I told you there was some live ammunition somewhere in my things!' He surely owes me big time.
On the plus side I got to ride in a police van!!!
The sorting is going slowly but quite well, have finally reached the bottom of a pile of magazines, have gone through my books very carefully to get rid of ones that I do not really need to keep. There is so much information on the internet that keeping books on how to make soft furnishings and re-cover your lounge suite is not a necessity and anyway who has time for such things any more.
This week have to take several large boxes of books to the secondhand book shop in Long Street. Not sure how much they take but I am a little tired of donating stuff to charity shops all the time. Charity begins at home I suppose.

~ A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays. -
English Proverb~

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