Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Magic Cupboard

Merlin, one of our cats, has a fascination for cupboards. He sits and tries all means to open the doors to see what is inside, I am sure he thinks he will find another world in there! Well I'm wishing for a magic cupboard at the moment, just put in all the things I will be keeping, close the door and it will magically arrive at its destination. This would of course include humans and animals!
Cannot believe that it is a full week since my last blog update. Lots has happened but I still seem to have piles of stuff around to get rid of. Have not really started on the workroom yet but will get there eventually I suppose. The storage that we rent is looking decidedly better, 'tho there are still lots of boxes to go 'thru. Poor Megan will be working hard when she arrives mid December.
Wrote to SABC to cancel my TV licence which falls due Jan 2009. Got back a snippy le
tter, in fact a very rude letter, stating that I must send a copy of my air ticket as well as all the details of the person who is buying the TV. If I was not leaving my bank account open here I would not even bother with the miserable b...............s.
We had the most wonderful sewing afternoon on Saturday. Peaceful and productive, 'tho I did not do the project bear managed to stitch one of my own as well as complete the little elephant who is now on e-bay.
Have also managed to stitch another beaded star, they are quite addictive as once you get the pattern engraved on your brain it is quite easy to just sit and pick up beads without too much concentration. However, need to make bears for the American show as well as Hugglets which is just around the corner and I don't know just how much stuff I can manage to take with me to keep working. It will be mid winter so I will try and take knitting as everyone will need scarves and gloves! Have discovered that it is possible to send 60kg unaccompanied baggage for approx R3500, a lot cheaper than paying R1200 for a mere 5kg overweight luggage!
My clematis is absolutely thriving this year, will be sad to leave this beautiful plant behind. Bought a tiny plant back from England some 8 years ago and it has finally settled down. I do get comments like gosh that is a big granadilla plant! Whilst the flowers do look similar
I have never seen a granadilla with flowers the size of a small plate. I hope that whoever takes over this plant will look after it as it does need tender care. The American who bought my garden furniture recognised it immediately and was fascinated as he comes from Seattle and has never seen one of these plants in South Africa apparently.
Have been falling into bed at 1 am most days and as I still wake up at 6am this is not too good as I am starting to feel at little frayed at the edges. So last night decided to go to bed at 11pm, did sleep well but woke up so sore from a stiff neck and still feeling a little exhausted. Well I suppose everything will get done eventually. Bought a CD to try and brush up on my rusty schoolgirl French, have got as far as the very basics but my brain does not seem to be coping with too much information at the moment.
Here's to a productive week...................

'The smallest feline is a masterpiece' - Leonardo da Vinci

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