Friday, November 7, 2008

Stars and things ..................

I have been very slack with keeping up with my blog. I admire those people who manage to write something every day but the past few weeks have been especially hectic. As so much has happened I will have to write a little each day to try and catch up with all the news.
Firstly the good news is that America now has a president who can think and talk at the same time. The poor man has quite a task ahead of him I wish him the best of luck.
We beaded stars at our last sewing afternoon and I actually completed mine and also made a second one using
Japanese Delica beads. With these tiny precision cut beads it turned out a lot smaller but the beads fit together so well it looks quite amazing. It was fun and I am inspired to create some more.
Megan has a show in London on 16th Nov. It is a little different as it is 'dolls, bears and collectibles'. We actually exhibited at this show in 1996 the first year we attended a show in London when the very first teddy bear show was held at Alexandra Palace. Have been working frantically to make some bears to post this week so that they arrive in time. Did not make as many as I had planned but did manage to get off a small parcel this morning. However this meant sitting stitching until 1 am this morning and I am now totally exhausted so more next time.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are endless Mother Theresa

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