Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another week begins............

Well the weekend is over. The beading workshop was fun but it was a hot day and I did not complete my star unfortunately as I felt like dropping off to sleep and was not concentrating on what I was doing.

Today I started painting the garden furniture ready to sell. Will be sad to see it go as we have had that set for years and moved it around the country but it is just not practical to ship overseas. Already have a buyer so things are starting to move. My garden is looking a little sad with the more colourful plants already sold.

Lots to do this week as I have kits to make up and a bear to be completed and posted. Have planned a day out on Wednesday to celebrate my birthday so though it will be a 'lost' day I am looking forward to something different.

Have this enormous bear which I have repaired but need to make him a waistcoat then can return him to his owner, he takes up so much space. Have had so many requests recently for bear repairs which is something I don't really like doing. This one is an Ark bear who belongs to one of the girls at my travel agent's office. Could not refuse to help her as his arm was hanging off. Of course, had to unstitch the back seam remove all the dreadful foam chips unscrew the nut and bolt on the arm which was very difficult then patch the arm and re-assemble the bear. I managed to fix his 'growl' hope the child is not terrified of him now. Strange thing is that I did not manage to use up all the foam but he still looks pretty rounded.

Well no pics tonight as I am falling asleep at the PC I am so exhausted...

~Thousands of years cats were worshipped as gods, cats have never forgotten this.~

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