Saturday, November 8, 2008

Have cats will travel...........................

Today was the scheduled blood test day for the kitties. To save a repeat of frantic chasing of cats around the house this morning we removed the ladder access to the roof, shut all the windows and kept four angry cats inside for the night. I do believe that cats use the most foul language when thwarted by humans!!!
Glad to say that it went surprisingly smoothly, first Leila was caught and put into the cat carrier followed by the other three. Drove to the vets with a chorus of different kitty meouws definitely not in tune. Left them at the vets as I was told it could take several hours. Kitties obviously very co-operative as I had no sooner arrived home than they called to say all done come and collect them. Well R3604-30 (to be exact) later that part of the saga is now complete, just have to wait for the results then 3 months and we can leave SA! Needless to say Leila is now not talking to me and has gone on to the roof of the carport next door where she will no doubt spend the day until her tummy says 'I'm hungry'.
At the organic fair saw a demo of qi gong (pronounced chi gong for the uninitiated). Signed up for the workshop. Held on a Sunday it was a gruelling 8 hours. Must say that by the end of the day 'tho tired I was quite energised except for the fact that I had parked my old rust heap of a car on a slope. This slope was under a car port entrance to the teacher's off street garage. Well got into the car to go home at 6 in the evening and discovered that the gears had jammed. This has happened once before some time ago and I had arrived late as I did not receive the e-mail with the change of venue so this was the only parking available. I quite honestly did not give it a thought and sailed into my class. Had to phone Mervyn to come and help me, some two hours later in the dark and rain managed to get the car out of the parking and drove home. Woke up the next morning looking quite dreadful and feeling a lot worse, my first coherent thought was well if this is being full of energy............. After drinking a lot of water during the course of the day started to feel a lot more human. Went for a 1 hour evening workout mid week and must say I felt wonderful (made sure I parked out in the street!!!). Came home to work on bears until quite late. Decided that a good soak in the bath might be a nice idea. Filled up the bath with nice hot water threw in a herbal tea bag and proceeded to relax. Well the tea bag burst, I fel
l asleep and woke up covered in bits of lavender and cold. Bronwen did point out to me that she had given me the herbal tea bags some years ago!!! There is no space or time to relate as the why for some 2 years we could not use our Victorian bath as one of the legs had come off and anyway I am a shower person. Had to clean out the bath and remove all the lavender bits. I definitely am converted to qi gong but will have to discipline myself to do it each day. Bought a video as the CD is a little difficult to follow with the Chinese English but of course that means moving furniture to practise in front of the TV! Having a husband who is suspicious of anything 'alternative' this could prove interesting. More to follow on this saga in due course.
Selling of surplus 'stuff' is proceeding slowly but there is a definite empty space in the storage unit, wish I could feel the same about the house! Still have cupboards to clean out and lots to dispose of, will now have to get working as time is flying by.
Megan ordered the latest Christopher Paolini book Brislingr for my birthday. Ordered weeks ago
from Amazon it arrived a week late and I had to pay R35 duty of which R25 is a handling fee, unbelievable!!!
Well just about up to date again. The clematis in my garden is quite beautiful again this year, hope it goes to someone who appreciates it as it does need nurturing.

~Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans -Thomas La Mance~

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