Sunday, November 9, 2008

So much 'stuff'..............

I am convinced that humans are the worst packrats on this planet. At least some of us are.............. going through cupboards and drawers today I found so many things that I have accumulated over the years. Like the juicer when I had one of my health kicks and thought that veg juice would be a good idea. Given that I hate mushed up food, if I am going to eat vegetables well for heaven's sake why mangle them up into a gooey mess for health's sake. Anyway there in all its glory is a brand new vegetable and citrus juicer that as far as I can recall has been used twice!!! Will add it to the Gumtree listings but saw several other similar items for sale. We all fall for the same sales gimmicks don't we.
Have had a busy time cleaning out, sad to get rid of some of it but really do I need to keep every birthday, farewell, mother's day car
d for the past ten or more years! I discovered vases that I had forgotten about, piles of recipes and booklets as if I had time to cook up a storm with all that stuff and of course books.................... Now have piles dotted everywhere, some boxes for the charity shop, boxes of books to take to the shop in Long Street, stuff to sell etc etc. The house looks a mess, it is impossible to clean and I have still to do the workroom and my clothing. All those things I have not worn for some years.
The bears for the London show are in the post and here are some pics of two of them with cardis courtesy of Megan................
and oh and I managed to do my qigong practice today so feel quite proud but will have to try and fit it in each day.

~The final frontier is not space it is human imagination.~

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