Friday, October 24, 2008

A waterfall and an old friend..................

Today was one of those days. Went to the storage unit to move stuff around and decide what to keep and what has to go. Made a small start, took some pics of things to sell and got rid of a few items.
Got home feeling dusty, hot and tired and had to help carry items out of the house. The agent phoned to say that the purchaser had been granted a bond but was trying to get a better rate and could another valuation be done today. Talk about short notice, don't think the agent has ever seen me angry! Told him that they would have to call later this afternoon as I was right in the middle of things. Was told that was not possible so I said OK he must be here within the next half hour or not today. Well waited 'patiently', an hour passed agent phoned again to say that the idiot (my terminology not the agents) had gone to Belmont Road in Rondebosch. Well I ask with tears in my eyes just how stupid this man is that he thinks that a house in Rondebosch (our entire block would fit into one garden) could possibly be sold at our selling price!!! Well he will visit on Monday...........
Feeling totally stressed and sick of the whole thing decided to take a drive to Simon's Town. It was blowing gales today but we had a wonderful day away from all the problems, had lunch at the small restaurant overlooking the harbour and discovered a waterfall up on the side of the mountain. After many years of sitting in this spot have never noticed this before. Asked the owner of the rest
aurant who said that it comes and goes depending on how much rain we have had! Well here is a picture, taken from a distance unfortunately but it is a very nice little waterfall.
Of course had to photograph the old tree next to the restaurant which I will not up
load but it was the most beautiful old gum tree.

These trees which are native to Australia have settled well in our climate and are slowly being eradicated sad to say. This one must be very old and seems to have been overlooked for the moment.
Did see the most wonderful wild flowers along the way as the heavy rains this year have been good for the fynbos. This tiny purple daisy was in abundance all along the side of the road and when I stopped to take a pic I realised that it was extremely fragrant.

Of course a visit to Simon's Town had to include a stop at the local bead shop to satisfy the cravings of a bead fanatic. It is a well stocked shop with unusual beads and I was tempted to buy a couple of really special glass beads as they will not add too much to the large quantity of 'stuff' I will be taking to my new home.
A new customer arrived just as I was about to leave the shop, a friend from Durban whom I have not seen for many years. Anita started the original teddy bear supply outlet in Durban and we spent a great deal of time and money in her shop. She also sold a lot of our original bears. It was an amazing concidence to bump into someone from those early bearmaking days. There are very few of the original bear makers around any more, sad to say.
Anyway it was wonderful to catch up with news, must have been meant to take that trip today.
Tomorrow is our beading workshop day which I am looking forward to so it is now late and off to bed.

~If you propose to speak, always ask yourself – is it true, is it necessary, is it kind? …..~

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