Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All Sorts of things

Don't know if it is me but I seem to have major problems uploading my blog always hated html coding and do not have the patience to sift through to see where the problem is.
Anyway had an interesting week so far. After advertising my pot plants had a surprisingly good
response and several sales so far, 'tho my garden is looking so sad without all the colour. One of my neighbours has taken on the task of prettying up the area and each year grows sweetpeas on an otherwise ugly fence. He is very generous in sharing them and keeps reminding me to take a bunch (or two). Well here is a pic of the last picking, they smell so wonderful in the house ..........
The clivias in my garden h
ave multiplied so much in such a small space and looking out of my window I decided that the snails (an overpopulation this year) were causing so much damage I would pick them for the vase and I must admit they make a wonderful splash of colour on the dining room table.
One of the joys of living in Cape Town is the bea
utiful mountain just on my doorstep and this is something I will miss. I have the opportunity to see it in all its wonder each day. Of course I always seem to not have my camera handy (not safe to walk around with a camera in your hand in this area). A few days ago the sunset over Devil's Peak was absolutely magnificent with rays reaching right up into the sky, rushed home to grab the camera but unfortunately missed the true splendour as it had already changed in a few minutes but took a pic anyway.
Had a further quote for moving all our 'stuff' yesterday. Finally a sensible man who admitted that there was no way we would fit all our all belongings into a small container the size of a single garage. We have a large quantity of fabrics, beads and books which are essential to our work as well as some really beautiful pieces of furniture. What he said made lots of sense and when I received the price and converted it into pounds at the present very high rate of exchange I realised that I could never furnish a home with that little amount of money so it will be a bigger size container which will mean not having to decide at the last minute what is essential or what can be left on the pavement!!!
Am writing my blog now as my dentist is apparently ill so all appointments for the remainder of the week have been cancelled.
Well it is back to work now as there is as usual a lot to do today...............

~ Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us or we find it not ~
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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