Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tired ..............................

Well we have received another offer for the house, not as much as I had hoped but have decided to go with it. Managed to stretch out occupation only mid January so that I could sort out our lives including all the necessary for the kitties to go to France. Started with all the marathon tasks yesterday by first sorting out the cats. Needless to say I immediately hit my first obstacle. My kitties annual rabies shots should have been done in September whilst I was in the UK so they have had to start again. New shots yesterday and wait for one month then the necessary blood tests and then a three month waiting period before we can leave the country. As my dear daughter said 'Murphy is sitting there laughing". The well laid plans of men and mice really applies to our family.

Of course getting all the cats to the vet was a mission. Thought I would sit and read for a while before I left as Leila was sleeping on the bed next to me and I could just pick her up and put her in the cat box. Well in theory ............. in practice Mervyn came stomping into the bedroom to ask when I was leaving, cat took off and that was the end of that............ Caught two kitties took them to the vet for microchips and rabies shots, came home and caught the third kitty, but Madam Leila was sitting on the roof giving me a look. So three cats done yesterday with the plan to do the fourth today.

Got up early but the bush telegraph system was working as she was already up on the roof giving me the evil eye. Appointment was for 9.15, got out of the shower at 9, still could not get her down off the roof. Phoned the vet to say that we would have to come later. She wandered down, all the doors and windows were shut and we started chasing cat around the house!!!! Eventually cornered her and put in the basket, Mervyn phoned vet to say I was on the way. Arrived there with no makeup and wet hair. As everyone knows I do not face the world without my face very happily. Anyway all four cats now done, repeat performance in exactly 30 days when they have to spend a day at the vets for blood tests. Will close up the house overnight and start early in the morning. Guess who will be the first cat to be boxed.

Leila has spent the day on the roof of neighbour's car port, came sneaking in for food and is now sleeping on the front veranda, not speaking to me at all. Hope she forgets about it soon. Vet suggested that I start feeding the cats in the boxes so they get used to them. Ha..............

Still trying to complete tax figures which have to be completed by the end of this month, make bears and start making lists of stuff to go and stuff to go elsewhere!!!!

Megan is trying to fly home for the Christmas holidays but already all flights are getting full and expensive but would love to have her here to help me with all the moving etc.

So now we will have to move to Durban (in mid summer!!!!!) to spend some 4 weeks with Bronwen before we can finally leave the country. So many people think I am quite insane to want to move my cats with me, quite honestly I would rather have the animals put to sleep than give them to a stranger. It is not going to be easy as we will have to live like Gypsies for some years but still think that it is the right thing to do. The delay to our moving will mean all sorts of other changed plans, don't think I will make the Hugglets show in Feb in London but Megan can do it this year. Of course will have to plan so that I actually have the necessary stuff to actually make bears in the meantime.

On the plus side, the air fares are generally a little cheaper in February, winter should be almost over and what the hell, can't change the status quo so will have to live with it.

Oh and please can I have one of these .................

"Forget mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you're going to do now and do it. Today is your lucky day". - Will Durant

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