Friday, October 10, 2008

Another busy day ..

My little witch's kitty seems to have forgiven me for the indignity of being bundled head first into a cat box until next time................. Speaking of witches, my bumper sticker "My other car is a broom" elicits very little comment or notice in Cape Town. However, when I parked my car in the mall garage yesterday an elderly woman walking past pointed it out to her husband. It obviously upset them as they both glared at me as if I was actually on my broomstick. Oh these sad miserable souls who cannot find time to smile at life, you can feel sorry for them.
Bronwen's poor Max underwent his own form of trauma today. Wish for a magic cupboard that I could open and exit into my new life without all the hassles that we seem to be facing. From mid January I will no longer have a house and money in the bank is quite worthless at the moment. Well it is a great life if you don't weaken I suppose.
Megan always claims to have a black finger with regard to gardening. We have some trees that the council planted in our area in an effort to 'green' the place up a little. With all the garbage that flies around and the general uncaring attitude of our neighbors the trees have grown without much care, the ones that have survived that is. Anyway Megan took some of my nasturtium seeds and planted them around the tree directly across from our house. They have grown quite well and are now in flower, so this picture is for Megan. They add a splash of colour to a dull neighbourhood.
One order of bears was collected today and the Hong Kong order is ready and awaiting for payment. Still seem to have a good market for our bears 'tho not sure how much longer people will be able to spend money on those little luxury items such as teddy bears. Most of our money seems to be spent on food, know that we do still have good healthy meals as I ensure that we have the right selection of fruit and veg each day. We don't eat red meat mainly fish and chicken but the cost of food has become quite scarey. Now that the fuel price has gone down would have thought that the food price would follow suit but of course due to the world economic crunch, our currency is very weak so prices will remain unchanged. Still have no street light working outside the house so it is as dark as hades out there. After phoning four times to report this fault and having the idiots come and assure me that it is fixed on three occasions just wonder what I am going to have to do to get it sorted out and working. Oh dear this is a message of gloom and doom is it not?
Some food for thought............

"Now is no time to think of what you do not have, think of what you can do with what there is."
Ernest Hemingway

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blue-doggie said...

wow the nasturtiums look fantastic!


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