Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back home again ...............

Well after many fruitless hours of trying to fix my previous blog I have given up, if the pics don't match the captions and font sizes are odd, don't blame me blame the dratted html coding. As I learnt word processing with a programme that was hugely in html coding I should not have a problem but it is really not worth my time and effort to try and sort out yesterday's blog. So to continue.....

One last picture of in Golders Green Park a bright green tree fern at the foot of another tall tree. As mentioned previously Megan's tiny garden is all shades of purple. Hope they survive because I discovered that I had re-potted everything in compost!

My visit to London over we spent the last day packing my suitcase which seemed heavier than when I arrived. As I had flown to the UK with lots of Megan's 'stuff' from Cape Town, this does not make sense but as I have been very good and controlled.

In my wisdom I decided to take a couple of Disprin as I always get a sore body and legs when cramped up in an aircraft seat for 12 hours. Never had a problem before but immediately started coughing which got worse as the afternoon progresssed. Before I left Heathrow went to Boots and was scolded soundly by the pharmacist who said that anyone with asthma should not take aspirin. First time I had ever heard this, so he showed me a Disprin box with the appropriate warning. I don't think this is on boxes in South Africa must check!

Well we boarded on time, the flight was full so no space to spread out at all. Had the usual delay with some idiot checking in baggage then not boarding the plane, cannot understand the logic. But this means a delay whilst the piece of luggage is found and removed!

We eventually took off without too much of a delay. Flying over North Africa we hit a thunderstorm and I must say that after many thousands of air miles I have never before felt so totally .... scared. It was so bad that the crew were told to sit down and secure everything! This lasted for over an hour, fortunately our meals had been served but no coffee or tea but who needs dishwater anyway!

Landed at Cape Town, got 'thru immigration pretty quickly but my suitcase was one of the last to arrive. Home next for a decent cup of tea.

Today I visited the dentist to complete the repair to my cracked tooth, 3 hour appointment but thank goodness that is now over, just have to wait for the account!!

Well now to clean the filthy house, calculate all the figures for our tax returns and try to sort out the rest of my orders.

To end, found this yesterday and thought it most appropriate in light of my recent experiences, don't know who Al Boliska is but he sure has the right idea....

"Airline travel is hours of boredom interrupted by moments of stark terror"- Al Boliska

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