Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trees, forests and wonderful things..........

Will have to split my blog up into several entries to catch up as I am now back in Cape Town and have lots of things to share. As I had heard from so many people that the summer in England has been dreadful with so much rain, I was pleased to find that most of my stay was dry and sunny 'tho cool in the mornings and evenings.
Megan lives in Golders Green in London, a very mixed ethnic area with all sorts of shops and various restaurants from Korean, Japanese, Indian as well as the usual Starbucks and Costa Coffee. A mere 10 minutes walk (depending on your pace) away from Megan's flat is Golders Green Park. Saturday was a wonderful sunny day and in the afternoon we took a walk to the park. It was such a pleasure to walk somewhere secure in the knowl
edge that it is safe. Of course to satisfy the druid in my soul, there were hundreds of the most amazing trees. I love trees and they are sadly lacking here in the Cape Town area. Although this was apparently many years ago a very wooded area, the trees have been removed for several hundred years without any thought of replacing them. The local indigenous trees take many years to grow and the oaks and other 'foreign' imports are being poisoned off as this government seems to have a wish to destroy anything that is not 'local'. So when I find ancient trees I do go a bit overboard hence all the pictures...........................

The park is large and borders onto Hampstead Heath which has a 'wild wood'

This water feature is quite beautiful and must look quite amazing when fully operational as presumably the fishes spout water.

Finally some pictures of the feathered and four legged inhabitants of the park.

Having been
told by an American friend that the Canadian geese have become a nuisance as they no longer bother to migrate, it would seem that they are also staying in Britain permanently.

Well my 12 hour flight is
beginning to tell so it is off to bed and more tomorrow.

Just a thought............

"Any interference with nature is damnable. Not only nature but also the people will suffer" Anahario (wife of Grey Owl)

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