Friday, September 26, 2008

Time flies ..................

Well it is almost the end of my London stay, time seems to have passed by so quickly. I have had to spend quite a lot of my time making bears for orders so it has been the same old thing just in a different place!
Have still lots of work to do before I leave on Monday evening!
Went to the most amazing flower market on Sunday, an entire street of flowers and realised I had left my camera at home! Megan is trying to create a small garden on the balcony outside her room so we bought two lavender bushes and a clematis. All purple flowers! Had to catch the bus home with four bags of potting soil but managed to re-pot all of the plants today. Seems like the rat has moved out but I discovered that the 'creature' eating the plants is actually a squirrel.
I have actually been very good this trip, not visiting any bead or craft shops so will be travelling home with lighter luggage.
We still have to find Megan a good winter coat as the weather is definitely cooling down 'tho the past few days have been bright and sunny.
We received the catalogue from Teddy Bears of Witney today, the bears look really good.
We finally received an offer for the house, very much lower than our asking price and they wanted occupation at the end of October. Said no as we have lived in that house for some 11 years and have a lot of stuff to move and get rid of. There are also the cats to consider as they need all the necessary inoculations and things ready for their move to Europe. So back to the usual show house nightmare. If there is no sale by the end of the year will think about renting it out for a couple of years.

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