Monday, September 15, 2008

London Show

It is so good to be in London and see Megan again. Have missed her very much and it has not been easy working 'together' from a distance. Flight was not too bad, flying on Sept 11th has it advantages as there were over 70 empty seats on the plane. Thought I would have the 4 in my row to myself but they moved some irritating woman there who immediately started complaining that it was drafty! I still had an empty seat next to me which makes for more comfort as I was able to put my feet up for most of the flight. Amazing entertainment options on BA watched the latest Indiana Jones movie. Still excellent but not so sure if the extra terrestrial flavour was quite in tune with the older movies but it was good to laugh at Jones' exploits.
Must say the weather in London is a little kinder this year, I know the locals hate all the rain but I was glad it is not so hot as previous years. Coming from a severe winter I was dreading the humidity here in Aug/Sept.
Megan and I worked hard Fri and Sat to complete our bears for the show. The most difficult part was trying to do the website before leaving home. Brought the Dreamweaver CD with me to try and download this programme to Megan's PC so that I could complete the website update. Discovered that I did not have the very essential code that one needs to operate the programme so that meant no pics of any of Megan's bears and not of all of mine. Fortunately, considering the present economic climate and the fact that most artists did not sell very well, we actually had an excellent show.
Apparently another 'dead' show house on Sunday, still no sign of a purchaser. Might have to consider renting it out for a while until the situation improves we cannot all continuing living in a sort of limbo until something happens.
Was told by an English friend that some of her neighbours in a very popular commuter town have been trying to sell for 18 months!

Still have lots of orders to complete and will have to get working on these before the end of the week. Would like to get them posted by then so I can actually sit down and have a bit of a break before returning to SA.
So back to work.................................... and to end I love collecting 'quotations'. Whenever I see something really inspirational I jot it down,usually on the cash slips in my purse as I am not the most organised soul and there is that heavy handbag story but not to digress. One of our collectors in the States wrote thanking me for the
caterpillar and the butterfly quotation at the end of my e-mails saying that she had used it at a start of term inspirational talk. So here is another butterfly quotation which I think is very special:
"Just living is not enough said the butterfly, one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."
Hans Christian Anderson

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