Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Bears

Well I have not had time to post for some time. Have been working hard for the Hugglets show and reached the terrible stage of having some bears ready but only really liking one of them! This is my usual favourite old style bear pattern dressed in something a little different. Very sad state of affairs that I have 6 completed and totally hate 5 bears! Things are very hectic, Ian Pout is asking for his bears by the end of September, Bear Paths has an auction show for which we need to submit bears, we have other orders to complete and I am hating everything I make!!! It is also time to submit tax returns which means going 'thru my erratic filing system and adding all the figures up. Really hate this kind of work, never been good at maths, I am an artist for goodness sake. The academic side of my brain is disfunctional. Oh well back to the grind, never mind all the ironing piling up, once again more clothes in the basket than in my cupboard. Something to ponder on:
As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then
their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil thing they set out to
destroy.- Christopher Dawson

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