Sunday, August 17, 2008

Whales and things

As we have to be out for the show house each Sunday and it is a little boring just trying to pass the time, I decided (in my wisdom) that a trip to Hermanus would be a good idea. Well the demented poodle does not like car journeys at all and performed the entire trip. However, we went along the coastal road through Pringle Bay and stopped at Hangklip to walk along the beach. It was a beautiful warm day today with a calm sea and no wind. I was thrilled to spot a whale in the water just behind a line of surfers. He/she was blowing and showing off, I really believe that whales know that they are now protected and love to perform for the humans. Wish that they would all be left alone. Sadly I forgot my camera at home, my handbag is already too heavy (or so says my spinelogist) with diary and notebook (just in case I see something to sketch). Maybe I should carry a rucksack, not exactly elegant but just think hands free and the weight more balanced.
Had the usual fish and chips lunch in Hermanus (the best in the whole of the Western Cape). Had a quick look around then made the long trip back home. Cannot believe the cost of fuel, our little day trip cost us about R250 not counting the food. Will not be making any more trips of this nature again for quite a while.
When we arrived home the agent had no good news to report and we also discovered that some time during the course of the afternoon Mervyn had lost his wallet. Credit/debit cards had to be cancelled and he now has no driver's licence. Goodness knows what drama he will face to replace that.
I have to share the following which I spotted written on a blackboard outside a shop today. Feeling a little depressed and dispirited by the whole saga of the house and today has not been a good day this put things a little more in perspective............

Enjoy the little things in life for one day you may look back and realise that they were the big things.

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