Friday, August 15, 2008

Bears and more bears

At last, something to show for several weeks of constant stitching a bevy of bears. All waiting and ready to be dressed etc for the Hugglets show.
The tall bear is one of my 'bigger' bears and she will be wearing a pastel cardi. Found lots of scraps of tapestry yarn which belonged to my mother (who could not sew). Don't know why she had kept them but they are all small skeins, not enough for a single colour jersey but I had fun just knitting until the colour ran out (at the end of the row of course) and then starting with a new strand of yarn. Have three more bears all stitched and ready for completion so I seem to be getting somewhere.
My plans for having a weekend of embroidery and beading are not looking good. Tomorrow is cleaning day, such a waste of time because it just gets dirty again!! There are dusty bunnies under chairs and cupboards and as there is yet another show house this Sunday I suppose it will have to be cleaned. There is also a pile of ironing to be done. Went to Cavendish for food shopping earlier this week and had a look at the craft stalls. Found a great sort of t-shirt dress, comes to just above my knees which I can wear with leggings and bonus will not need ironing. Long time since I have worn anything that does not come down to my ankles and felt quite strange. When the weather turned extremely cold and wet later in the day I had to resort to a skirt and cardi but well the idea will work. These will be my working clothes as I would definitely venture into the world in this outfit.
Yesterday visited the spine man again. He is certainly doing a good thing in sorting out my neck problems. On the way home decided that I could not handle my longish hair any more and managed to get a late appointment with my hairdresser. Her comment when I walked into the salon of 'Gosh Wendy your hair is very long' made me realise that I was long due for a cut. Told her to cut it short as it grows like a weed anyway. I am pleased with my shorter look but had to leave off the colour as funds do not stretch that far at the moment. After a double dose of antibiotics my hair is showing a little strain so will have to live with the grey for a month or so.
Spring is definitely here early this year. 'Tho we have had a wet winter there have been a few mild days and the flowers are starting early. Apparently another good year for the fynbos, maybe this year I will finally get to see it before I depart these shores for the land of endless rain (according to English friends this summer has been rather wet). Will miss the beautiful mountains which are literally just up the road but there are other things to look forward to (like cheap holidays in Europe).
Well here's hoping for a buyer for the house this weekend and an empty ironing basket............................

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