Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All Sorts of things

Well the visit to the dentist yesterday was eventful to say the least. I apparently had cracked my tooth and the nerve was exposed. No wonder it was so extremely painful. Temporary filling in place and will have to visit in about 6 weeks for a ceramic inlay, more expense unfortunately.
Sunday was another show house day. We left the agent to the task and took a ride down the coastal road to Simon's Town. Of course we had to take the mad poodle with us and she behaved in her usual hyperactive way. Only got as far as Kalk Bay as everyone was out enjoying the warm sunshine and the traffic was quite something. Bought ice cream and the only quiet space we could find to sit and eat it in "peace" was in the little churchyard of the Anglican Church. Told Mervyn that I am sure the dead people would not mind us enjoying our ice cream in their company. Jessie Poodle loves ice cream!!!
I have always had a fascination with outer space and would love to journey to a distant planet. I am a internet junkie of sorts and love to find fascinating websites. I must share the following two sites. The first is the Nasa Cassini space probe pictures of Saturn, well worth a visit:


the second site is nasa's daily astronomy picture. Just type in 'apod' and see the different pictures for each day. Search the archives for some more amazing pics.
On the subject of the internet I am amazed at all the free stuff that is shared, wonderful embroidery patterns etc. I am feeling very creative at the moment and have planned the rest of the week, just hope all the wheels don't fall off. Bears for the rest of the weekend (Hugglets is just around the corner) then embroidery and beading on the weekend. Went to the Cape Embroiderer's Guild meeting this past Saturday and as their speaker had backed out at the last minute was asked to talk about my bears. It was short notice and I had little time to prepare but think it was OK. I hate doing something like that as I talk very quickly and cannot remember what I said anyway. Unfortunately the exposure to the beautiful embroidery of the Guild members has made me want to get working again. Used to do so much embroidery but don't seem to be able to find time for it anymore. I suppose if I spent less time on the internet........................................
Anyway, watch this space for some different creations.

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