Friday, August 8, 2008

An Auspicious Day?

Well today is the 8th August 2008 (08/08/08) an auspicious day supposedly. My day was the usual I'm afraid, visit to the doctor, stock up on food and try to make an appointment with the dentist for an aching tooth! Not too exciting but I did list Megan's wonderful little kitty Splodge on e-bay. I do hope she finds a good home.
Tomorrow I have been asked to spea
k to the Cape Embroider's Guild 'about my bears' as their speaker backed out at the last minute. Just hope my cough does not make it difficult as it did on a previous embarrassing occasion. This time I do not have Megan available to bail me out.
Have been watching the totally amazin
g opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing. They really produced something special 'tho from a country who tried so hard to eradicate their history it is a little ironic that they should choose to use this as a theme. However, I did know that the Chinese invented gunpowder and paper but was not aware that they invented the compass. Have heard about the Chinese explorer who travelled an incredible distance but was forced to destroy his charts on his return so their is no actual record of which countries he visited. Anyway I was awed by the Beijing presentation, it was really spectacular, just wish I had been watching from the beginning.
So the auspicious day draws to a close, another house viewing tomorrow and the usual tidying up to do.

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